10 Must-Listen Architecture and Design Podcasts


Okay, there are way more than 10 must-listen too podcasts, and below are 7 of my favorites.

Is there a form of media that compliments city living better than podcasting? Whether it keeps commuters company during a morning train ride or provides a soundtrack for a stroll through city streets, the ubiquity and portability of podcasting can make a favorite show seem like a constant companion. In a post-Serial world, when Marc Maron gets the opportunity to interview the President in his garage, there are more shows than ever. We looked back over recent episodes and broadcasts and picked out some of our favorite architecture and design podcasts of the year, ideal listening during long trips, airport delays or simply free time. Republished from CURBED.


Debbie is a great interviewer, and really gets Design…

Maybe my favorite, but I’m a fanboy of Michael Beirut…


Local, progressive, and possessing a great ethos, sensibilities….


Interesting topics, to say the least…


Sort of “Design Fluffy meets TedTalk” hipster topics, but worth a listen…


Scholarly, engaging, the design pedagogy….


ANYTHING from KCRW will open your minds, lots to choose from…

I have been listening to these for 10 years or so… very enlightening, addicting…watch out my pretties, the rabbit hole lies before you…

Yeah of course…

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