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Deadspin Link: The New Browns Facility’s Walls Are Full Of Fake Quotes

From Deadspin: This past August, the Cleveland Browns unveiled their newly renovated training facility to the local press. The four-month, $5 million project to transform the Browns’ home into a mid-grade, mid-2000s, middle-management expo featured, among other things, a series of inspirational quotations on the walls. Almost all of them are misattributed, incorrectly transcribed, or indeterminately fraudulent.

A Browns ticket-holder tipped us off to one of the misattributed quotes yesterday. Throughout the day, he sent a few more, and we were amused enough to track down any others we could find in photos. It turns out, the Browns are quite proud of these installations. Here’s a video of Browns CEO Joe Banner leading the local media on a tour around the facility. At one point, he stops to discuss a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson*.


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