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Week 12: Painting with the Mixer Brush
(CIB Lesson 10 — Classroom in a Book)

GCOM 330 Week 12 Demo:  (27 min.): Tom walks you Lesson 10 in Classroom in a Book.

Just send in the two files from the book, not four files like I mention at the end of the video 🙂

It was not in CC 2014, but was in older versions.


Digital Tablet and Pen Basics

(In class we use the Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL-460, but most techniques apply to all)

Link to Wacom Drivers
Drivers | Wacom

Drivers are installed on GCOM iMacs. You may wish to install these on your personal computers. A hardware driver is a small computer program that allows your computer to interact with Wacom products. It is important to download the most recent driver to ensure that your device is working properly and that you can access its full array of features.

Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet Review and Demo in Photshop (8:17 min.)

Helpful review with Photoshop demo found on YouTube.


Using the Mixer Brush (3:16 min.)

This video demonstrates how the Mixer brush interactively blends separate colors as though they were wet, creating a painterly effect. Clean your brush to resample the colors for ultimate control.


Tablet techniques for the Mixer Brush (5:18 min.)

Interactively blend canvas colors with lifelike painting strokes.


Photoshop Natural Brushes (6:00 min.)

Colin will show you what the new natural media brushes are all about. Learn how to create a work of art from a photo using the “not much skill required” mixer brush. This one will have you dying to try out these tools.


Using the Mixer Brush (7:19 min.)

Realistically mix paint, blending brush and canvas colors with the new Mixer Brush in Photoshop. Create a painting from scratch or add painterly effects to a photograph.


Painting:Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Photoshop (3:44 min.)

Easily take your imagery and designs in new artistic directions with natural and realistic painting effects. The new Mixer Brush lets you define multiple colors on a single tip to paint with subtle color blends, or you can use a dry brush to blend a photo’s colors to create a beautiful painting. New Bristle Tips enable you to easily paint with lifelike, naturally textured brush strokes using defined bristle properties like shape, length, and stiffness, and you can experiment away by adding Bristle Tips to a variety of Photoshop brush tools.


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