Watch videos here each week which are related to our reading and assignments. Videos can by made “full screen” by clicking in the bottom right of the player.  Some videos can be downloaded from our GCOM 305 dropbox account.


Megg’s Mini-Lectures
Ch 14 Pictorial Modernism (15 min.)

Megg’s Mini-Lectures
Ch 15 A New Language of Form (13 min)

Propaganda During World War 1 (8 min)


World War I Era Posters at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force


WWI Propaganda (4 min)


Art Deco – The Architecture Tour (5 min)


Flappers – The Roaring Twenties (6 min)

Sensuous Steel: Art deco automobiles (4 min)

ART DECO – Visual Learning Period Design (26 min)
Art Deco lke you’ve never seen before – Visual Learning.

Russian Constructivism (3 min)

Constructivism in Graphic Design Overview (11 min)

Battleship Potemkin( 84 min) (Movie with Pet Shop Boys Score)

One of my grandfathers (my Mom’s father), George Schantz, on the bottom, second from left. (U.S. Army World War I Veteran)


One of my grandmothers, Albertina Bernelson (my Dad’s mom) born in Norway, was a Flapper Girl in the U.S. in the 1920s!!