Watch videos here each week which are related to our reading and assignments. Videos can by made “full screen” by clicking in the bottom right of the player.  Some videos can be downloaded from our GCOM 305 dropbox account.

Meggs Mini-Lectures
Chapter 19: The New York School (15 min.)

Meggs Mini-Lectures
Chapter 20: Corporate Identity and Visual Systems (14 min.)

Paul Rand speaks about Graphic Design (4 min.)

Interview with Graphic Designer Paul Rand FULL INTERVIEW (27 min.)

Saul Bass- Style is Substance (7 min)

Saul Bass- Advice to Design Students (1 min.)

The Look of Saul Bass (8 min.)

Saul Bass – Style is Substance (7 min.)

Saul Bass – Film Posters (6 min.)

Collecting Saul Bass Posters (7 min.)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly (1966) title sequence (4 min.)